Film Photography in Digital Era

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Film photography, as we knew that it was famous on previous time. With the development of the modern technology, the technology or photography is getting more advanced with the existence of the digital cameras. Now, the digital cameras are being used more often and a lot of people have already left the film photography behind. Some people might still stick into the use of the older photography style because of various reasons. And if someone is truly in love with photography, why not considering the both of film photography and also the digital photography? The both photography styles will give the different feel as well as the different techniques and skills.

Film photography is considered being harder to be learned because of the specific things must be done and mastered by the photographers. The process of this kind of photography will take more time than the newer digital photography technology. But there will be the certain feel and the certain satisfaction felt by the people who loved to use the film photography and these feels are the things that wouldn’t be let go. The photographers will feel a lot of differences those are not always good in the old style of photography. But the choice will always be depending on every photographer.

Some photographers claim to lost interest in photography because of the modern digital photography. These photographers just cannot get the feel they used to feel when taking photos. In the film photography, there is a certain pleasant feel of a film in its every shot. The photos will also feel somewhat different. Of course it is not easy to get the best photos because the older film photography will take time of processing the photos into the real fix photos. Some of the photos might appear to not look as expected by the photographers but the happiness and satisfaction when the best photos appear is one of a kind.

By practicing to take shots with film photography, it believed that the skill of a photographer would become sharper as well. This is a fact because in using the film type photography, the photographers are forced to understand the colors combination, color temperature and the exposure more. In the film photography, these things are very important to be understood and will definitely determine the quality of the photographer as well. The more skilled the photographer, the better result will be expected. This is the total opposite of the digital cameras those can be set easily and can be automatic one as well.

But of course, there are some flaws can be found in film photography as well. This older style of photography will need more money or cost of the production to purchase the film and also to process the film into the lovely photos. Film photography is slower to show its result and a lot of people claim to have not much of time in taking photos with this older style. However, it will not be hurt to use the film type of photography when there is enough time in order to learn more about the color temperature of light exposure those usually automatically set in the digital cameras.